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    Our Mission

    So, What's a Calming Bed?

    Dogs are truly a mans (and womans) best friend, and we're on a mission to create the comfiest and most calming experience for your beloved pets to help regulate their behavioural habits and sleep patterns. The Puppy Creche Calming Bed has gone viral, and for a very good reason. It's revolutionising the way we approach the issue of rising anxiety symptoms in dogs, and how we can treat the concern most effectively. 

    Importance of your Dogs Health

    Sleep is a vital contributor to mental wellbeing for both humans and dogs. A lack of quality sleep can lead to a variety of physical and mental health issues down the track. 

    Your dog will only be around for part of your life, however you are the biggest part of theirs. We understand the importance of cherishing the time you spend with your fur-baby, which is why we've created a product that will alleviate their stress and anxiety. Our Calming Bed is more than just a dog bed, it's an investment into your best friends health and happiness. 

    The Number of Dogs Suffering from Anxiety is Rising

    According to a published study:

    • There are approximately 470 million domestic dogs around the world.
    • Of those 470 million dogs, 40% will suffer from anxiety at some stage in their life.

    This is an alarming statistic, and it's not always easy identifying whether your pup is one of the 190 million who are currently suffering with anxiety.

    Out of the thousands of Calming Dog Beds sold across the world, we've received feedback from a countless number of customers reporting the positive effects they've noticed in their pets including; healthier appetites, regulated behaviour, and more restful sleeps.

    Why Invest in a Puppy Creche Calming Bed?

    Comfort and security are the main priorities we took on board when designing the Puppy Creche Calming Bed. The premium faux-fur provides maximum comfort, and the oversized rim triggers your pets nervous system to feel instantly relaxed. This helps your fur-baby calm down faster, and get a better nights rest.

    Our beds are like no other on the market. The extra padding and waterproof bottom are features that have been overlooked by our competitors. We know the importance of standing out in a crowd, and this is why we provide the most premium products available for your dog. We guarantee it!

    Most of our competitors ship directly from China which can take up to 4-6 weeks to arrive. We ship directly to your door with insured and tracked delivery, so you can expect your order within 5-13 business days from dispatch!


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